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An accessible, easy-to use cryptocurrency with a tiny carbon footprint and a growing community.

Hello all, welcome to Pandacoin (PND). In this article, I will explain what Pandacoin is and why you should know about it. Pandacoin has serious, tangible potential to become a widely-adopted cryptocurrency for everyone.

What is Pandacoin?

Pandacoin(PND) is a digital cryptocurrency. It released in February, 2014 with its own blockchain. It began as a Scrypt algorithm coin, using Proof-of-Work as its consensus mechanism. It switched to Proof-of-Stake after 3 months.

Why Pandacoin?

It has an accessible and intuitive GUI wallet named PandaBank. It is easy to send and receive PND using the PandaBank Wallet. The PandaBank Wallet has a rapid blockchain sync so you can start using straight away.

Pandacoin is well-suited for small transactions because of its negligible transaction fees. This also makes it a good contender for a universal cryptocurrency. For example, using PND for small payments such as buying a chocolate bar in a shop.

This graph from BitInfoCharts shows the median transaction fee for BTC and ETH. Both coins have high transaction fees, making them unsuitable for small transactions. In the chocolate bar example, the cost of using BTC or ETH would be more than the chocolate bar. In contrast, Pandacoin would be an excellent choice for this transaction. Transaction fees for PND are around 2–3 PND which is roughly equal to $0.0008.

Unlike many cryptocurrencies, Pandacoin uses Proof-of-Stake as its consensus mechanism. This method reduces Pandacoin’s carbon footprint, making it a greener alternative to Proof-of-Work coins. No more huge mining farms that rely on coal power plants! Pandacoin has used PoS since 2014. Many other coins are only now discovering its benefits.

Love Pandas? You can also support real pandas and the environment with your PND! You can send your PND to charities such as WWF, Chengdu Panda Base or the Ocean Cleanup Project.

Photo by Kayla S from Pexels

If you’d like to know more about this, feel free to visit our donation section on the Pandacoin Wiki.

Unlike many other altcoins, Pandacoin is completely fair and decentralised. It launched with no Initial Coin Offering, pre-mine or insta-mine. Moreover, The Pandacoin Dev Team have made themselves known to the public. This is important because it ensures that there is zero chance of scams or anything similar.

During the May 17th network swap, Pandacoin transitioned to the Peercoin codebase. This has opened the door for developments such as Smart Contracts and Smart Assets. Plus, it makes future development easier. Read more about the swap here.

How Do I Join the Pandacoin Community?

Pandacoin has a friendly and growing Telegram community of nearly 1,000 members. We have a PNDTip Bot that members can use to tip others or donate to the dev team. You can view PND’s price/market cap with the bot too. You can also find us on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter.

How Do I Buy Pandacoin (PND)?

PND has recently been listed on DeX-Trade - an excellent exchange with low withdrawal fees. Currently, you can buy PND using BTC, USDT, or ETH on DeX-Trade. You may also buy PND on AltMarkets and BitUBU.

Would you like to buy PND but don’t currently hold any cryptocurrency? You can convert your fiat currency e.g. EUR, USD to crypto. You can do this via a fiat-to-crypto exchange. Withdraw your new crypto to one of the exchanges that have PND listed and there you can exchange that for PND.

As a reward for spreading the word about PND, you can get small amounts of PND in our Telegram group too :)